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Dumaguete - The best time I had in the Philippines

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

If I don't know you and you will ask me to tell you just one place that you should not miss in the Philippines, my answer will probably be Coron (It's gorgeous and I will write about it).

But if you ask me what was my personal favorite place in the Philippines, Dumaguete is the answer.

There are multiple reasons why but in this post, I’d like to tell you about one and the story behind it. The rest will be in the next post.

The day I arrived and checked in at the Flying Fish hostel (my favorite hostel in The Philippines) I saw two French bikers that I approached just because I had a feeling they were cool. They were! They fell in love with motorbiking while traveling through S.E. Asia and there you have it, the first story.

Two days passed by, bad weather, moody and rainy days. I didn’t explore much but I was getting a lot of editing work done. I decided to stay an extra day because I really wanted to see a few places there that I couldn’t see yet because of the weather and also because I was really enjoying staying at The Flying Fish.

That afternoon, while working on some photos for Mika, I also got a little upset because I didn’t find anyone to model for me. No landscape photos, no modeling photos...Bummer! Dumaguete wasn’t cool.

That moment, when I thought that probably it wasn’t the right place for me, I lifted my head and I saw the prettiest face walking in front of me. I knew I had found my model.

Karina was traveling with her best friend Maja. During their trip, they met Pablo who tagged along and they started traveling together. There you have it again, the second story.

While I was walking to their table thinking about asking her to model for me I noticed Maya too and I thought: hum, if I get lucky I get two birds with one stone today.

I got lucky! I asked them to model, showed them that nice Mika bodysuit and we agreed to go shooting the next morning.

That same night we briefly hung out at the bar, we had a beer, a quick chat. The place was right, the vibe was right, I started having that good feeling that you have when you know that something nice is about to happen and so, with that feeling in my head, I realized that since the location of the shooting was going to be my absolute favorite waterfall in the Philippines, I thought to invite the French bikers too for a nice day all together.

I went to my room, charged all my gadgets, got some SD cards ready and went to sleep thinking to document that next day as much as I could.

What you are about to see is what I recorded that morning.

For me and I know for them too, it has a very special meaning. It’s not just a video of some random people enjoying a day at a waterfall.

It’s a video about 6 people that from strangers became friends. It’s a video that we made hoping to inspire more people like us to pack that bag, book that trip, quit that job if that’s what you have to do to travel. Stay awake, watch what’s happening around you, get a feeling from a stranger that is passing by and if that feeling is right, say hi!

We are normal people with normal lives. We have our stories and our struggles and we truly hope with this little clip to inspire you to go that place that you always dreamt of going.

We did it, and you can do it too!

#Dumaguete , #Dumagetme ... #Dumagotme :)

Ciao ciao,



Shot on Dji Mavic Pro

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