I work with brands and business on a freelance basis. I love spending time with the customer to think about the perfect idea and setting for the launch of a new product or the promotions of current items in specific markets. I also worked for many yoga teacher training, events and resorts.



Yoga photoshoots are not just about taking pictures of you in a pose, it’s about capturing your unique essence. That's why I also love getting to know my clients before going out in the field. Being a registered yoga teacher myself I can also help you with the poses and alignment to make sure we create some unforgettable images.







I am a registered Yoga teacher with more than 500 hours of certified trainings in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. In addition to that, i have completed a 100 hours meditation training and attended workshops in anatomy and arm balances with some of the best instructors worldwide. Since my first teacher training, i have been teaching non-stop in Bali, Italy, Sri Lanka and Amsterdam where i am currently based giving regular classes and workshops at Yoganida.

Arm balances and inversions

Arm balances and inversions fall into the category of Yoga poses that i was afraid to approach the most.


I kept repeating myself even after years of practice that i was never going to be able to enter certain poses. I thought i was not fit enough, strong enough or flexible enough until one day my teacher just said YES YOU CAN!.


Truth is that an arm balance is exactly what the word says, balance! Once we understand the proper technique, with constant training and supervisions most of the people are able to achieve these poses.

Arm balances and inversions are also poses that made my Vinyasa practice much more playful and fun. That's why i have developed a workshop called Face Your Fears that will help every-body that would like to unlock these poses to gain confidence and win the fears of balancing on the arms or going upside down. In the workshop i will share how to enter and come out of the pose safely, how to use the props available to us to find a perfect alignment and stay longer in the pose, how we use a friend to spot us safely and how we integrate those poses fluently into a Vinyasa practice.

Ready to practice with me?


I am very passionate about sharing my practices, especially with beginners as I truly feel that many people who are new to Yoga, don't really comprehend the full benefits that the practice can bring. Most importantly, besides the physical aspect of Yoga, i like to share music (kirtan and mantra chanting), different meditation techniques and bits of Yoga Philosophy.

You can expect my Vinyasa practice to be a full immersion into Yoga. From singing and meditating to practicing a series of dynamic asanas carefully linked together that will leave us refreshed, energized and most importantly with a calm mind to be able to face all the challenges that daily life brings to us.


My Yin practices instead are very quiet and relaxing. I gently guide people into a pose while I explain to them why we practice Yin, what are the benefits of Yin and what we should focus on while we are practicing. My Yin sequences are usually crafted based on emotions. I am a firm believer that everything that we experience in life, whether is a positive or negative emotion, stays in our body and through Yin, we can dive deep into those emotions, learn from them and, eventually, let them go to fell freer and light.

I always travel and practice with my Rav Handpan by my side which I use to play dreamy melodies during our Yoga sessions and for great mind journeys during our final relaxation after practicing.

Some of the brands i have worked with: